• Watch Alvarez vs MvGregor Live on 12th November

    The team go eye Alvarez vs MvGregor Live  to eye inside the Octagon as The Notorious hopes to retaliate for his staggering UFC 196 annihilation - most recent from Las Vegas here

     Alvarez vs Mcgregor Live এর চিত্র ফলাফল

    Conor McGregor is proceeding with his festivals taking after his five-round triumph over Nate Diaz .The 28-year-old was joined by long haul accomplice Dee Devlin and mentor John Kavanagh for a pool party at Encore Beach Club. McGregor secured exact retribution over Diaz, the man who beat him six months before, in an exciting battle at UFC 202 in Las Vegas, report the Irish Mirror. 

    Dee shared snaps of the couple posturing in their swimwear nearby Kavanagh and a buddy on her Instagram account tonight. She essentially subtitled the pictures "pool party." An inconceivable night in Las Vegas was topped by one of the best UFC battles ever as Conor McGregor vanquished Nate Diaz by means of a dominant part choice in the headliner. McGregor took the session 48-47, 47-47, 48-47 as indicated by the judges. Both contenders have conceded a third and last session is important to secure boasting rights for the last time, yet fans may need to hold up to see that happen as expected.Meanwhile, here are the six grandiose ideas from the headliner at UFC 202.Hotshot  Alvarez vs MvGregor  commended his staggering UFC 202 triumph over Nate Diaz with a victory after-gathering at Las Vegas' Intrigue dance club. The Irishman was the focal point of consideration as firecrackers and jugs of champagne popped surrounding him - coming full circle in a discourse from the MMA main event. McGregor was naturally suited and booted after the overwhelming session, yet at the same time detected a bruised eye as he postured for pictures with kindred Irish stars Rory McIlroy and Niall Horan.

    Interest, one of Vegas' most up to date dance club, is situated in the Wynn inn and brags on its site that it is the ideal party scene. Managers say: "Interest guarantees to completely dazzle your faculties. Offering 14,000 square-feet of dazzling insides and high vitality energy showered in cutting edge light and sound."It's been two months since Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz arranged an exciting rematch of their effectively exciting first battle.Not at all like the first run through, McGregor didn't lose by second round accommodation, and rather brought home the greater part choice win, having recorded 3 knockdowns all the while

    Obviously, McGregor blurred in the last part of the second round, pretty much as he did in their UFC 196 experience, however he burrowed profound and pulled off the triumph in a remarkable matchup. The choice has been talked about to death, yet don't hesitate to examine it significantly further! I at first scored it a draw, with a 10-8 cycle 3 for Diaz, yet upon rewatch, it was a senseless thing to do, and my re-score is 48-47 McGregor. What stays unaltered is that I feel giving Diaz the win is a completely shaky choice, especially giving cycle 2 to Nate, and particularly in light of the entire contention over cycle 2 of Bisping-Hendo 2. You can watch the full battle at the highest point of the page furthermore share what your score was (or what you recall that it being), and afterward what your score is after re-watching this battle. Here's the way the BE people group responded to the choice: It'll be Eddie Alvarez versus Conor McGregor in the UFC 205 Live  headliner, live from Madison Square Garden on November twelfth. I'm certain you'll be tuning into watch 

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