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    I, Tonya, which premiered last week to rave reviews in America, goes behind this punchline caricature to the real backstory of Harding in a script that burns with dark humour and shows how our perceptions of heroes and villains may be skewed. The movie focuses on the relationship between Harding, played with trailer park aplomb by Margot Robbie, and her mother LaVona Golden (played by Allison Janney), who gives her svengali-like advice through a haze of cigarette smoke. The film shows that Harding's life was one of abuse and violence, both before and after the hit job which guaranteed her lasting infamy.

    Golden was said by some to be living out her own ambitions through her daughter, but Tonya was always a gifted athlete. She began skating at age three, and started landing complicated jumps by 10. Harding was never the most beautiful or graceful skater, but she was generally the most powerful. She saw skating as not only her passion but as an escape from her troubled home life. Fellow skaters and their parents reported seeing Golden hit and yell at Tonya during practice. The film shows Golden, throwing knives - only most of them metaphorical - at her improbably gifted daughter. "You skated like a graceless bull d---," LaVona tells a young Tonya after a competition. "I was embarrassed for you." (Golden has always denied allegations that she abused her daughter.) Tonya's father Al Harding once recalled the family living in a trailer, and notes that though he was close with his daughter, his wife was alcoholic and abusive. "My relationship with my mom is really bad," then-15-year-old Tonya says in a clip from the American documentary Price of Gold. "She hits me and she beats me and she drinks. She's an alcoholic."


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    The moments when winter sports capture the imagination of the general public are few and far between. Torvill and Dean with their stark and mesmerising version of Bolero in Sarajevo in 1984, comes to mind, or perhaps the Jamaican bobsleigh team providing Hollywood with a ready made script in Calgary in 1988.

    Undoubtedly the most electric moment in all winter sports history came in 1994 however when in the run up to the Olympics in Lillehammer America's figure skating queen, Nancy Kerrigan, was attacked by a man who turned out to have been hired by the husband of her arch rival Tonya Harding. The attack came less than a year after the tennis player Monica Seles had been stabbed on court during a match in Germany and prompted widespread debate about female athletes' vulnerability to crazed spectators. And, irresistibly to the press, the scandal involved a so-called golden girl of the sport, the smiling, perfect girl next door Nancy Kerrigan and a woman who looked like she may have tried out for Glamorous Ladies Of Wrestling.

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